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Project Description
QualityStorm is an open source PIMS - Process Information Management System.

It will support the adoption of the DMAIC - Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control - methodology from the Six Sigma Strategy by any kind of production process.

QualityStorm will be able to collect information from several different sources, such as:
  • Manual Input;
  • OPC Servers;
  • SQL databases;
  • Calculations;
  • Webservices;
  • COM devices.

A set of analythical tools will be available to analyse the information. The tools planned so far include:
  • Queries with export abilities;
  • Custom designed forms;
  • Dashboards;
  • Common Charts;
  • Control Charts.

Another important planned feature is the possibility to trigger reaction procedures whenever certain conditions are met, like when a specific process variable value is out of statistical control.

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